Thursday, September 15, 2016

Clinton E-Mails Point to U.S. Intervention in 2010 Haiti Elections

by Jake Johnston (CEPR)

“The situation cannot afford Washington to sit on sidelines. They elected him and they need [sic] pressure him. He can't go unchecked,” Laura Graham, then the Chief Operating Officer of the Clinton Foundation, wrote to Bill Clinton in early 2012.

            Graham was referring to the increasingly erratic, and potentially dangerous, behavior of Haitian president Michel Martelly. When she said “They elected him,” she was referring to the U.S. government, which intervened through the OAS to change Haiti's first round election results, putting Martelly into the second round. The e-mail –  one of many Graham sent to Bill Clinton’s deputy chief of staff on Feb. 26, 2012 –  was sent eventually to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her top aide, Cheryl Mills. The note is perhaps the clearest evidence to date that key officials, even within the Clinton camp, viewed the U.S. intervention in the 2010 Haitian election as decisive.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

7th International Day in Solidarity with Haiti

25th anniversary of the US-backed military coup that overthrew the Lavalas government of President Aristide on Sept. 30, 1991

In response to the Jan. 2016 Call for Solidarity from Haiti’s Popular Movement (“We will not obey”), friends of Haiti are organizing Sept. 30th public events in many cities. For example, in Oakland we’re having a street demonstration with music/drums on Fri. 9/30, 4:30 PM at 14th & Broadway, and a public event on Sun. 10/2, 3:00 PM at Eastside Arts, 2277 Internat’l Blvd, with the theme: “US Hands Off Haiti!” Other cities are taking up the call.

Join us in raising these just demands of the Haitian people:

1) Free and fair elections! [Scheduled for October 9, 2016.]

2) No US, UN or OAS interference in the elections! [They were involved in the fraud last time!] Respect Haiti’s sovereignty! 

3) Stop the terror campaign against the poor majority and the Lavalas popular movement! End the brutal US/UN foreign military occupation!

4) Rebuilding Haiti the way the Haitian 99% want it built – Paying a living wage in the factories instead of sweatshop wages … Restoring farming self-sufficiency so Haiti can feed itself again … Real Haitian control of mineral resources and aid funds … Jobs, schools, housing, clean water and health care for the people! … In short, the program of Aristide’s Lavalas movement and its Presidential candidate, Dr. Maryse Narcisse. 

Please Donate to the Haiti Emergency Relief Fund

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