Thursday, June 28, 2012

Commentary: Senator Moise's Faux Pas

by Thomas Peralte (Haiti Liberte)
Senator Moise Jean-Charles’ declaration this week calling the Venezuelan Ambassador to Haiti “persona non grata” was unfortunate and diplomatically maladroit, to say the least. It handed on a silver platter to Martelly’s cynical team an occasion to call to order their fiercest critic, scoring a point on him and throwing discredit on his many charges of the president’s corruption, most of which remain unproven despite corroborating accounts from other sources, including Nuria Piera’s spectacular and credible revelations of Sen. Felix Bautista funneling about $2.6 million to Martelly & Co.

UN Troops Assault Haiti's University, Again

by Yves Pierre-Louis (Haiti Liberte)
On Jun.15, 2012, at about 11:00 am, Brazilian soldiers of the United Nations military occupation force known as the UN Stabilization Mission for Haiti (MINUSTAH) tried three times to enter the School of Humanities (FASCH) of Haiti’s State University, causing confusion, cacophony, and casualties around the campus on Avenue Christophe in the capital, Port-au-Prince.

Citigroup's Imperial History in Haiti

by Peter James Hudson (Haiti Liberte)
Citigroup Inc.’s online timeline commemorating its 200th anniversary says little about the Republic of Haiti -- and no wonder. While the anniversary campaign for the global financial services giant presents a story of achievement, progress, and world-uniting vision, Citigroup’s first encounter with Haiti is remembered as both among the most spectacular episodes of U.S. dollar diplomacy in the Caribbean and as an egregious example of Washington working at the behest of Wall Street. It is also marked by military intervention, violations of national sovereignty, and the deaths of thousands.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mario Joseph and Brian Concannon Explain why Martelly's Proposed Constitutional Amendments are Illegal

Interview by Kim Ives and Roger Leduc (Haiti Liberte)

Haitian President Joseph Michel Martelly recently announced his
intention to publish amendments to Haiti’s 1987 Constitution during
the month of June. Once published in the government’s official journal
Le Moniteur, laws are supposed to go into effect. But according to
Haiti’s existing 1987 Constitution, amendments made during one
administration are not supposed to take effect until the following

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Haiti Documentary Premiers in Maritime Canada

by Roger Annis (Haiti Liberte)

Halifax, Nova Scotia – Documentary filmmaker Michele Mitchell has completed a successful series of premieres in Maritime Canada of her new film, Haiti: Where Did The Money Go? Shown in six towns and cities, these were the first screenings of the film in Canada.

Montreal Public Forum and Conference Discusses Post Earthquake Crisis

by Roger Annis (Haiti Liberte)
More than 200 people attended an evening public forum in Montreal on May 9, 2012 to hear a panel of speakers talk about the present situation in Haiti. The theme of the event was “Two years after the Haiti earthquake: reports and analyses.”

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Venezuela, Cuba, Argentina Sign Development Agreements with Haiti

Mérida, 1st June 2012 ( – Venezuela, Cuba and Argentina have signed new agreements to support Haiti’s development, including agricultural projects and building a new hospital on the Caribbean island.

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