Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Kevin Pina and Pierre LaBossiere on PHTK massacres in Cité Soleil and La Saline

Listen here to an interview (on KPFA's Flashpoints Radio) with documentarian Kevin Pina and Haiti Action Committee  founder Pierre LaBossiere, as they discuss the recent anti-corruption protests in Haiti and the brutal repression launched by the country's rightwing authorities.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Hold the U.S./U.N. Occupation Accountable

The United Nations, along with the United States and Canada, trains and supervises the murderous Haitian police and oversees Haiti’s horrendous prisons where beatings, torture and killings are routine. Condemn the police killings of demonstrators in Haiti by the UN-supervised police and attaches
 and demand an end to the US/UN occupation.
 Contact U.N. representative in Haiti, Sophie Boutaud de la Combe: e-mail:; Twitter: @SBDLC @MINUJUSTH
Sunday November 18, 2018, was the 215th anniversary of the victory at the battle of Vertieres when Haitians won a decisive battle against French forces in 1803, leading to the declaration of Haitian independence. People all over Haiti marked the occasion with massive protests against the theft of billions of dollars of Petrocaribe funds provided to the Haitian government by Venezuela. The demonstrators continued their call for the end to the murderous UN/US occupation and the imposed, illegitimate government of president Jovenel Moise and prime minister Jean-Henri Ceant.
According to radio and witness reports the police have been shooting at unarmed protestors, wounding and killing an undetermined number. The situation on the ground in Haiti has been worsening as the Moise regime, backed by the U.S. and the UN, has ramped up a savage campaign of repression against the population. In the Port-au-Prince area alone, the list of attacks includes the police killing of a student leader on 10/31/18, the shootings during the week of 11/5/18 of teachers and high school students in Site Soley (Cite Soleil) protesting months of non-payment of overdue salaries and the lack of educational supplies, the mass killings and land-grab expulsion in Kanaan (Canaan) and the massacres on November 13 and 17, 2018 in the community of Lasalin (La Saline).
Please read the Fanmi Lavalas statement condemning the 11/13 horrible massacre in Lasalin which occurred during the commemoration of another government organized massacre in Granravin (Grand Ravine) on 11/13/17, one year ago to the day. The statement in Kreyol can also be heard over a graphic video from Haitiinfoproj showing some of the victims. The death toll varies as reports from witnesses are being assessed; many were disappeared, bodies were also reportedly burned and trucked away.
We support and stand in solidarity with our sisters and brothers in Haiti as they refuse to accept dictatorship and terror. Support and stand in solidarity with our sisters and brothers on the ground in Haiti! They are unarmed and bravely taking on the US/UN-supported killers, the UN-trained police and their paramilitary attaches or affiliates.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Photos from UniFA's School of Dentistry

Students from School of Dentistry, practical class at the Foundation Dental School #UNIFAHaiti

The PetroCaribe Scandal and its Historical Precedents

Catherine Charlemagne - Haiti Liberte
History will likely record the Oct. 17, 2018 demonstration as the real beginning of this PetroCaribe uprising.

Clearly, the PetroCaribe affair is gaining momentum. With every passing day, Haitian society becomes more engrossed with this scandal which exposes the outrageous conduct of our leaders vis-à-vis public funds.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

UniFA: Reduce neonatal mortality in Haiti!

The University of the Aristide Foundation (UniFA)

Our fundraising goal is $3,000, to include 20 NeoNatalie resuscitation simulator kits ($86), 20 resuscitation bags and suction devices ($25), and teaching flipcharts and workbooks ($304), plus shipping. CLICK HERE:…

The Helping Babies Breathe curriculum is being brought to UNIFA in order to provide neonatal resuscitation training to medical and nursing students.

Volunteers (including Certified Trainers) are working with Friends of UNIFA to bring this American Academy of Pediatrics program to UNIFA.

Tear-Gassing of Belair Funeral Provokes Outrage

Kim Ives - Haiti Liberte
When it was learned that at least two people were killed by police bullets outside the church, the mourners marched with the caskets down the hill to the center of town.

On Oct. 31, hundreds of mourners gathered at Our Lady of Perpetual Help church in Port-au-Prince’s Belair neighborhood for the funeral of six of the seven protestors killed by police during the massive Oct. 17 march against the plundering of hundreds of millions of dollars from the Venezuela-provided PetroCaribe fund.

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