Monday, June 16, 2014

Urgent Appeal for the Protection of Haitian Human Rights Lawyer Evel Fanfan

Atty. Evel Fanfan, Activist Lawyer, Defender of Human Rights, Director of the Executive Council of  AUMOHD (Action Units Motivated for a Haiti With Rights)

Haiti, June 12, 2014
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Atty. Evel Fanfan is an Activist,Lawyer, Defender of Human Rights, Executive Director of the Executive Council of AUMOHD (Action Units Motivated for a Haiti With Rights), an Organization for Human Rights which has as its main mission to promote the personal rights and dignity of Haitians.

Since 2005 because of his involvement in the battle for the establishment of a rule of law in Haiti, his family and his office staff continue to be the constant target of threats and intimidation to the point where in July 2006, following requests for protection by Amnesty International, OAS and Front Line, International the Director General of the National Police of Haiti then saw it was obliged to detach a policeman to his office for protection.

Despite this decision, his life, his family and the staff of his office have become increasingly prey to death threats, intimidation by anonymous phone calls, texts and voice messages from unknown individuals.

Worse, on the night of Sunday, June 1, 2014, unknown individuals climbed onto the building housing the Central Headquarters of the organization, to set fire in the rear of the building burning all materials and objects that were there as they tried in vain to get into the main office.

That same day they took all the materials, the power supply (solar energy);  two mixers; two microphones; one equalizer; four speakers; two CD decks; two CDs with recording spots for awareness and civic education; all making up the Mobile Civic Education unit for worker mobilization and the struggle for social justice.

Worse, Sunday, June 8, 2014, eight (8) days after the sabotage of the Central Headquarters of the Organization AUMOHD, three (3) armed individuals on motorcycle came to ambush and murder Atty. Fanfan in front of his residence.

When Atty FANFAN headed for his car, one of the three men told the two others, “look, Atty. FANFAN is coming out”, and then the other two came up to put their plan into action.

Thanks to the solidarity and sudden intervention by residents and neighborhood friends, Atty.FANFAN was spared, but the offenders were lucky to get away.  However they left their motorcycle registration plate: MTTB. 4544, gray.

 It is important to note that these threats are increasing at a time when Atty. Evel FANFAN and his team are involved in key issues such as the case of the workers of Haitel SA, the reparation to victims of the government involved Grand Ravine massacres, and the defense of poor citizens arrested and kept in prison for having participated in protest movements against the current Haitian government in defense of media persecuted by the government.

Faced with these repeated and blatant attacks, it is urgent and imperative to appeal to the Haitian authorities to take adequate measures for the protection of Atty Evel FANFAN, his family and the staff of his office.


In order to help a variety of needs are now urgent.  At the moment we have no place to send money or addresses of government officials to lobby.  That will be forthcoming on my old website: <>.  Please check there.

1.) Replacement of mobile public education materials; 2) travel money for the 3 children of Atty. Fanfan.


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